Friday, May 4, 2007

Wachowski Bros. to direct 'Speed Racer'

Directing siblings the Wachowski brothers are determined to make a children's movie so their nieces and nephews can finally get to see their work.

Andy and Larry Wachowski are best known for action blockbusters like The Matrix and V For Vendetta, as well as the lesbian con movie Bound.

But The Wachowski Brothers are now planning a change of genre to appeal to younger viewers - they're latest project is family movie Speed Racer, which stars Christina Ricci and Susan Sarandon, and is produced by Joel Silver.

Silver says, "It's a big family movie - they wanted to make a G-rated movie (the US equivalent of a Universal rating).

"They said their nephews and nieces would call them and say, 'Why can't we see your movies?' They said maybe we could find a way to do that.

"They think some of the animated movies like toy story and Finding Nemo, are very sentimental. They want to make a picture like that, a movie that is not quite so cynical, but can be more fun."

Quick Facts|
Probable Release Date would be 9 May 2008
Shooting starts June 5th in Berlin

Movie is going to be largely or entirely shot in front of the green screen

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